The power was no power
At the moment went off
And I was working there with you
And you, and you… And She
The invisible aye of darkness
And we are in the heart of Manhattan
And we are in Manila In Turkey in Baghdad
In a little town far away in Spain or Mexico
Where everyday is a blackout and nobody knows
But what is this world without power?
And I was at the 34th Street subway station
Or in the train from Brooklyn to Rockefeller Centre
I was boiling water or drinking beer
With my friends feeling the sticky summer day
I smell the wax burning candles around my shadow
And I run away from the tons of trash over the flowing garbage cans
The power was no power at the moment went out
Because the mechanical energy was stopped its great effects
Only the aye saw the incompetence only the aye is watching me
Calmness, quiet, montionless and self-possessed
She is the goddesss of tragedy and te comic

 photo natu_zpsf30fa367.gif
Transformation and retain, change and immutability
And She is only one aye between the darkness always in blue and red
Soul and blood. Air and fire. Power and charge or change or choice
The circuit, the habitat, the environment…
It is only one moment in her aye and my life is different!
For this I am here waiting to know more about darkness disturbances
Might be a human error, might be a terrorist action,
Might be business speculations, might the power is tired to be power
Might God have a break up! The aye knows what I ignore
What I can´t prejudge
And not, I can´t wait more to do something for the afraid children
For the elder, for the invalid, for my friend
Sirens blared across the city: I am scary
The radio ran on batteries, the ices taste chemical
News consumers are also tired to hear lies and lies perturbed
Mental and moral power still on, don¨t worry my friend
The blackout is nothing if tonight we have beer
and WATER!

© Julie Sopetrán



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