Light grows between the tree and tears
And the root hairs and the root cap and the scars
And the crown and the twig and the hummed buds
Are removing their dust
It is the time of day when I review my dreams
And birds tell me the truth before the clock awakes me
My hinder lover-love extend his arms as branches
Arriving to my soul. Oh! The stems and limbs and trunk
Sweet silent beauty
It is something reborn… It is something inside my blood!
My day starts with you in so many ways away around the world
Magic beliefs or rivers crossing the unknown
Because you are here as a weather time dragon
As a fire-flame burning your sorrow in my chest!
As a cloud raining over your hands
As the star glowing our feelings
Over this snow-covered dawn…!

©Julie Sopetrán

 photo natu_zps1515be31.gif


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