Indian Ghost Stories by S. Mukerji (V)

The same doctor who had been summoned on the occasion of Wilhelm’s former encounter with the White Lady was in attendance on him, and he looked extremely grave when informed that the Emperor had again experienced a mysterious shock. He shut himself up alone with his royal patient, forbidding any one else access to the private apartments. However, in spite of all precautions, the story of what had really occurred in the picture gallery eventually leaked out–it is said through a maid of honour, who heard it from the Empress.

 photo natys_zpsae2cab82.gif

The third appearance of the White Lady of the Hohenzollerns to the Kaiser did not take place at either of the palaces, but strangely enough, in a forest, though exactly where situated has not been satisfactorily verified.

In the middle of the month of July, 1914, while the war-clouds were darkening every hour, the Emperor’s movements were very unsettled. He was constantly travelling from place to place, and one day–so it was afterwards said in Berlin–while on a hunting expedition, he suddenly encountered a phantom female figure, dressed in white, who, springing apparently from nowhere, stopped in front of his horse, and blew a shadowy horn, frightening the animal so much that its rider was nearly thrown to the ground. The phantom figure then disappeared, as mysteriously as it had come–but that it was the White Lady of the Hohenzollerns, come, perchance, to warn Wilhelm of some terrible future fate, there was little doubt in the minds of those who afterwards heard of the occurrence.

According to one version of the story of this third appearance, the phantom was also seen by two officers who were riding by the Emperor’s side, but the general belief is that she manifested herself, as on the two former occasions, to Wilhelm alone.

There are many who will not believe in the story, no doubt, and there are also many who will. For my own part, I am inclined to think that, if the ghost of the Hohenzollerns was able to manifest herself so often on the eve of any tragedy befalling them in past, it would be strange indeed if she had not manifested herself on the eve of this greatest tragedy of all–the War!

ALLAHABAD, _July 18th, 1917._ S.M.


[1] _The writer desires to acknowledge her indebtedness for much of the information contained in this article to J.H. Lavaur’s “La Dame Blanche des Hohenzollern et Guillaume II” (Paris: 56 Rue d’Aboukir)._…



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