l feel deep in my heart and soul,
that you and l were meant to be.
Life has it’s own way of bringing two people together, and l believe that is what happened, with you and me.
Destiny brought us together, to share in such a beautiful love.
A love more great than l have ever before known, that truly is a precious gift to me, from the Lord above.
Every word that is spoken, l feel so deeply in my heart.
Your words remain within me always, and warm my heart and soul, when we are apart.
Every touch that l have felt, has let me know just how much you have cared.
l remember every tender moment we have spent together, and everything beautiful, we have shared.
No other love has ever filled me so completely, as the love that l have found with you.
A love of this kind, and so very deep, is found in a lifetime, by only a very few.
You have touched my life, in more ways than you could ever know.
l love you more than words could ever possibly say, and so very much more, than l could ever show.




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