You’re a shining star, an ever lasting light,
The fire in the forest burning wild and bright,
You’re an angel flying high and free,
You’re a beautiful spirit to whom only I can see,

Your mind is as deep as the ocean floor,
Full of life to which I adore,
I would love to swim deep within your mind,
And explore the secrets that I may find,

Your face holds the beauty of a rare black pearl,
You’re a heavenly creature, one hell of a girl,
Your lips are as sweet as grapes on the vine,
Mellow to the taste, as an expensive wine,

Your heart is as a lock and bolt on a door,
To which I and only I have the key for,
So when you’re down and lonely and need a close friend,
Just call on me and I shall let myself in,

You’re a bird of paradise, a fish in the sea,
You’re a dream within a dream, you’re everything to me,
You’re a Goddess floating in the heavens above,
You’re my girl, my woman, My Lady Love.

by Steven Eugene Miller




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