No go.
I got a couple of miles along the path. The wind strength has increased. And it has veered so that it was head on. I was reduced to crawling on hands and knees. I had to turn and run for it back here. At least there is fire wood. Fortunately, too, I still don’t feel too hungry. Once again, all the stuff I wrote in this book has faded and vanished. It’s as if I hadn’t written anything at all.
The voices came again in the night. Really weird. Not only did they seem to pass through the bothy, they seemed to pass through ME. I’ve built the fire high but I just can’t get this place warm at all. And I have no food left. So why don’t I feel hungry? I tell myself not to worry. Just to feel grateful.
With the wind being in the other direction I’ll try going back to Guirig. I’m packed. I’m leaving now.
Cheerio bothy. Well meet again some time.
Still no go.
The wind veered yet again and drove me back. And once again the stuff I wrote in this book has vanished. I thought it was fading ink, but I held the book up to the light and there isn’t a sign of a depression in the page where the writing was. I don’t get it. It’s weird.
And another thing. I’ve been burning wood every day for – how many days? And there is absolutely no sign of the wood pile getting any smaller.
And my stomach. Why isn’t it eating itself by this time? I haven’t eaten in days.
And the voices.
I think I’m beginning to be a little frightened.