Still no break in the weather…

Still no break in the weather. I rose while it was still dark, lit a candle and ate my last sandwich and a pack of dates. This really is an extra special kind of a blizzard. The ferocity is exceptional. It was the sound of it which kept me awake. Or maybe it was the cold. My sleeping bag is a lightweight summer one. I hadn’t anticipated this type of accommodation. Every now and then there is a brief lull. Then I hear the wind coming like a distant train across the strath. It grows louder and explodes, shrieking round the stone walls. I’m glad they’re thick. But it’s dark. Even in daylight it is dark so that I can scarcely see to write. And there is something else which is really surprising. The words I wrote in this logbook yesterday have disappeared. Copyright: Hugh Noble, December 1999




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